RADOMSKO FURNISHES is a partner project, whose realisation is guaranteed by an agreement signed on 19 March 2014 by the Mayor of Radomsko, the Craftsmen and Entrepreneurs Guild Master in Radomsko and the President of the Regional Chamber of Trade and Industry in Radomsko.

This project connects the furniture manufacturers from the Radomsko region, one of the major furniture centres in Poland. 600 companies, combined with the varied product ranges and styles, definitely distinguish Radomsko’s offer from among other offers.

In Radomsko manufacturing are:

  • living room furniture,
  • dining room furniture,
  • bedroom furniture,
  • kitchen furniture,
  • bathroom furniture,
  • office furniture,
  • custom furniture.

Apart from private houses, we also supply furniture for commercial spaces – in particular offices, hotels and restaurants.

We sell via:

  • our own furniture stores located in Radomsko and all over Poland
  • independent furniture stores
  • large-format or chain interior furnishing stores
  • interior furnishing companies.

We offer assistance and consultancy and guarantee high quality and professionalism, from the design stage to the execution.

Our furniture is made for customers from every part of the world.