STOL-MEB Michał Wiewióra
In 1983, Michał Wiewióra established a small workshop employing just a few people. The first years saw him working on a furniture design that would combine the classic chic and functionality. In result, he created an exceptional collection of stylised furniture, “Gracja”, which combines the features of the Louis Quinze furniture with the Netherlands furniture, enriched with wood carving elements. All furniture is handmade from alder and beech wood.
A rich palette of colours and a variety of patterns of the fabrics applied by the Stol-Meb company lends its furniture a touch of elegance and nobleness.
At present, the company employs over 30 persons, owns a modern machinery park and co-operates with a great number of furniture stores across Poland.
Stol-Meb gives an absolute priority to the customers’ satisfaction and the highest quality of their products. The company intends to develop further in terms of the applied technologies, production, and logistics.
It is also determined to expand the “Gracja” collection by new products and to create a new, unique line of furniture.





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